by Joseph R Perone
Mitchell Miles fastball wouldn't break a pane of glass these days. But at one time, he had some smoke on the pitch. The Hackensack High Graduate played amature hardball for 32 years.

In 1992, Mile started his own leagues, and now he runs nine baseball leagues in northern New Jersey, including the Roy Campanella Rookie League, the Lou Gehrig League and the Mel Ott League.

To keep track of the stats, Miles created "a cheesy basement website" that he manually updated every week for two years. Lat year he asked Strategic Business Systems, a Ramsey software firm, to build a site for his leagues and any other amateur sports leagues that want their results posted on the internet.
What it does: provides a Web site to help managers run an amateur sports league. Customers vary from Men's baseball to kids' rollerhockey leagues. The web sites provide a central focus for league activities, including game schedules and results with photo highlights.

When it started: Founded in March 2000 by Miles and John Myers, Head of Strategic Business Systems. Web site launched last September.

Where it is located: Ramsey, New Jersey.

Who it competes against:, and

How it sees the future: "People think it's easy to run a sports league, but there's a lot of organization involved," Miles said.
"This is a way for amateur ballplayers to feel like the pros by having their stats and boxscores on the web. This summer, players will be able to create their own baseball cards with a photo and lifetime statistics."

Why it thinks it will win: "First of all, we aren't funded by venture capital," Miles said. "This allows us to be more patient than a VC would allow. And we use an IBM server to make sure our sites stays up and running."

Chief Executives:
Myers and Miles: Myers has been president of Strategic Business Systems since 1982.

Web Site:

Stock: Privately held

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