Click Here! Serves Up Baseball Stats, ASP Style
Take me out to the B2C ball game

By Chris Bucholtz, VARBusiness

12:02 PM EST Mon., July 30, 2001

A solution provider turning a hobby into a money-maker is about as rare as a triple play in baseball, but that's exactly what Mitch Miles has done. Miles, an amateur-baseball-league enthusiast, is the founder of, a site that gives athletes stats on their own leagues in a professional-style format as a hosted service.

Initially, Miles went to Strategic Business Systems (SBS), a Ramsey, N.J.-based solution provider, as a customer. Instead, a partnership was formed. SBS provided manpower, hosting services and hardware to get the service running.

A year after its start, has more than 350 leagues using the service and is set up to provide stats for 13 different sports. The service gives SBS employees a chance to work on something different, which "really is useful from a morale standpoint," says John Myers, corporate director of and managing director of SBS. Myers also says the service will be in the black by the end of the year. For a B2C service, that may be the biggest morale-booster of all.


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