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Winner of the AIIM 2006 Best Practices Award
Strategic & Automating Paper Processing
  Automating Invoice Processing Today  
It's not your mother's invoice processing Does your company depend on data from forms, invoices or other paper documents?

Are you concerned about processing time, costs, personnel training, or storage?

Is the sheer volume of incoming paper overwhelming your staff?

There is a proven solution that will solve your paper problems - automating the capture, management, transfer and storage of data to whatever type of paper formats that your business needs.

By automating forms processing, businesses will:
  • Process – paper invoices, forms and documents 400% faster
  • Receive – 99.9% data accuracy on EVERY form
  • Reduce – manual data entry time and costs by 50-75%
  • Achieve – a complete solution* in about 12 months
How do you solve your paper problems?
The answer is OCR for AnyDocTM software.
AnyDoc Software’s OCR for AnyDoc is installed at thousands of businesses worldwide and has helped businesses--large and small--double, triple and even quadruple their productivity while dramatically reducing their data entry costs.
Best of all, OCR for AnyDoc was designed to work with every kind of document in every industry. OCR for AnyDoc™ quickly and easily extracts the information you specify from your existing invoices, forms and documents. The software achieves up to 99.9% accuracy in extracting information from documents containing machine print, hand print, mark sense and one- and two-dimensional bar codes. As it extracts information, you can apply specific business rules to validate the data. Once the data is extracted and validated, questionable characters or fields are displayed for you to correct or accept. The final step is to create an ASCII file of the validated, corrected and verified data from the forms for further processing. All of this is performed with minimal human supervision or intervention.
Read how other companies successfully automated their paper processing, here...
For information now on how your business can benefit from automating paper processing,
call Strategic now at 1-800-727-7260!

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